Focal Group Therapy for English-speaking Clients

General Overview
Pec ggz offers Focal Group Therapy in English for adults approximately aged 25-50. This program is designed for expats, permanent residents, and native Dutch speakers who are comfortable and willing to engage in group therapy conducted in English. The therapy consists of 22 weekly sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, with a specific treatment focus and a predetermined end date. Every 11 weeks, new members join the group, maintaining a maximum of 9 participants, facilitated by two therapists.

Therapy Goals
Group therapy provides an opportunity for self-discovery through interaction with others. In a group setting, participants can:

  • Recognize internal conflicts identified by fellow group members
  • Confront blind spots or challenging interpretations
  • Share emotional experiences
  • Find support and comfort
  • Practice new behaviors

The focus is not on whether you function “well” or “poorly” in the group, but on your willingness to reflect on your own feelings and intentions, as well as those of others. This process can lead to personal growth, acceptance, and the development of a more accurate self-image and understanding of the world. As a result, problems may become easier to cope with feel less burdensome, or be resolved entirely.

Target Audience
This therapy is suitable for adults aged 25-50 who are motivated and can benefit from group therapy. It is particularly effective for individuals who exhibit avoidance behaviors, characterized by a fear of their own needs and feelings and a negative self-image. Other issues addressed include existential problems, difficulties with cultural integration, feelings of loneliness, life phase challenges (such as work/life balance), and interpersonal problems.

What to Expect?
Participants can expect a structured yet open environment where a maximum of 9 members meet weekly for 1.5 hours under the supervision of one or two (psycho)therapists. Each member has a specific treatment focus established during the intake phase before the group sessions begin. During the sessions, participants share and discuss topics related to their treatment goals, guided by the therapists.

In addition to working on individual goals, members are encouraged to speak openly about their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment. This openness is challenging, particularly in the initial phase, and often requires perseverance. Since interaction is a crucial therapeutic tool, consistent attendance is expected, with exceptions for unavoidable circumstances.

Session Details
The group sessions will take place on Wednesday mornings from 09:15 to 10:45 at Pec ggz.

Hanneke Raven (Psychiatrist)
Anna Otto (Psychologist/ Psychotherapist)